Denise Evans

I have been on a diet of some sort my entire life.  I had childhood obesity, and weighed more in the 6th grade than I did when I gave birth to my first child.  I have struggled with my weight my entire adult life, and have tried many different avenues, (many not so good for you), but I've always kept up to speed with anything related to health and wellness.  I was introduced to the It Works products, and love that the products are allnatural, and are of excellent quality.  It is a company that I felt I could stand behind 100%, otherwise I would not be able to consciously represent the line.  I love sharing information on our wraps, supplements and skincare, and love seeing my customers' results and helping them look and feel good.  I also love coaching and mentoring my team on how to build their It Works business!  Feel free to reach out with any questions.  I LOVE IT WORKS!!!

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